Small Is Beautiful!

We are brand new and small. We strive to stay small. We want help other small businesses flourish. We do this by using cutting edge technology to break down the Enterprise Barriers!

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is going Cloud-first and Mobile-first. With that vision multiple Enterprise class technologies are turning into Software-as-a-Service offering, like Active Directory, SQL Server, Service Bus to name a few. Great SaaS solutions can be built with small team very quickly by utilising those building blocks and Azure's massive Data Centers distributed all over the world, it's time to re-think your core business values.

Office 365

Office is Ubiquitous in business even iPad wants it. Office 365 for Small Business comes with Exchange Email, Lync, SharePoint and OneDrive. With a monthly subscription per user you can have all these great services up and running without the need of a costly IT department and lengthy waiting time. With coming releases it will have better integration with Skype even PBX - your telphone system.


Lean started from Toyota. There is Lean in software development; there is also Lean Startup. We work hard to be Lean coder; you can work hard to be a Lean business.


We practice Agile methodology, we are still learning it, we will never be good enough to claim as a master of it. We think Agile is an attitude in that it demands life-long learning, to always find the better way to deliver the 20% that generates you the 80%, faster.