Code Reader+ Released!

Do you read source code? Are you a Developer, Project Manager or Programming Learner? Want to read source code with your Microsoft Surface while travelling the underground or 30000 ft above? How about lying on the Couch trying to figure out some hard to understand code, or just do some Code Review in ease?

Give Code Reader+ a try, the only Git-integrated Source Code Reader in Microsoft Store.

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A .Net Standard C# Git Library written from scratch in pure C# patterns and idioms, fully supporting Async, UWP. Used in Code Reader+ with great performance. In private alpha. Contact us if you would like to try it in your product.

Windows Container for CI/CD
Docker images built to serve UWP/.NET CI/CD purpose. Including Jenkins, NuGet Server, Nginx and build agents. Deployable to Microsoft Azure Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machines.

Consulting Service

We provide Architect/Proof of Concept as a Service to you. Contact us with your requirement today.


Want to learn the Git Internals? Or learn about the modern day methodologies and best practices? We provide small classroom or 1 to 1 mentoring/training.